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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes. In fact, this is one of the best times to grow your online business. Right now your business should be thriving.

Everyone has moved to using their phone and online and lost access to their gyms, and in-person trainers.

This is a “gold rush” opportunity to serve millions and millions of potential clients.

If you don’t pivot now and adapt to the changes, there’s the huge risk of going otu of business soon.

On our strategy call we’ll share EXACTLY what funnel is working best right now so that you can profit during (not from) COVID-19. However, this gold rush of opportunity will not last long so hurry!

A: We do not offer a money-back guarantee, but we DO offer a "Zeo Risk Guarantee" and it eliminates all risk of losing your hard earned money and we'd be happy to share the details with you on our call.

A: YES! Our members range from charging $750-$15,000 and above for their programs.

Any Fit Pro could be the world’s smartest trainer, but in today’s day and age, you need to be even better at marketing your program. Otherwise no one see’s your value. With our systems we will give you exactly whats needed to market and sell your programs at the level you are at.

A: Here is how we help you…

Here’s what you get when you’re inside:

The “Built For You” Workshop:

We will build your offer with you, step by step, so you know exactly how to price, structure and market it… And immediately put it into action to get qualified leads coming to you.

We will also help you build out your offer sales presentation line by line, so you know exactly what to say to sign-on clients with ease.

The High-Ticket Sales Funnel:

We’ll build for you our step-by-step funnel and then…

…wait for it…

We’ll give you the content and social media posts to bring in high-quality leads for you every single day.

$0 in ad-spend. 100% DONE-FOR-YOU..

Then we’ll show the A-Z process to convert those members into paying clients.

The “New Client” Machine:

We’re going to pre-build your entire marketing and sales software

AND… Were going to pay for it. So there’s no added expense for you (Saving you over $3,400 a year).

Our professional copywriter has already written for you the emails and social media posts that bring in leads. And you’ll have them waiting for you in your account.

You’ll have the sales funnels and lead messaging system that our developers have been perfecting for the past 18-months.

You’ll have us as your coaches helping you set everything up in just a few clicks that even my 8-year old daughter can easily use.

Your Very Own Appointment Setter and Content Manager:

Again this is something you literally can’t get anywhere else.

We’ll find you a trained team member appointment setters, and all you have to do is interview them and choose your favourite.

THEN… once you have a setter, we’ll train them for you using our proven systems, so there’s no stress for you.

AND… We’ll pay for them to get started, so you don’t even have worry about any extra expenses to get started.

7-Figure Sales Coaching and Call Reviews:

As you get more calls flowing, you’re going to want to make your sales confidence & skills are dialled in so…

We will write for you 100% custom appointment setting scripts specifically for your niche, offer & business model.

Every week you can submit your sales calls to be reviewed by our in-house sales expert and they’ll give you line by line feedback and detailed notes to get you closing at 50%+.

Your Very Own “Ad Manager and Funnel Specialist”:

On top of giving you our copy & paste ad templates and plug & play funnels...

You have unlimited access to our in-house ads expert (literally doing the set up for you). Before you launch anything, jump on a call to make sure you never waste a $1.

And if ever anything isn’t right, book in a session with one of our expert who will troubleshoot & solve the problem for you.

The “Clockwork” 7-Figure Fitness Business Systems:

We both know that for you to have a business that runs without you doing all the heavy lifting…

Your business running like clockwork, so it brings in leads, signs on clients and puts money in the bank account whether your sleeping, training yourself or playing with the kids.

You need systems, technology and team.

We’re going to give you what exact playbook, the exact systems that we run our own businesses with to shortcut you years or “figuring it out”.

The Private Coaching Support:

All of your coaches are Fitness Pros that currently run their own multi 6 and 7-figure online businesses.

We’ve done all the heavy lifting, the testing, the trial-and-error to give you solutions to growing your business faster than any other solution you can find.

Aside from already having access to 3 support calls a week, you will now have UNLIMITED 1:1 access to a personal coach.

We will also build out a custom task board and give you the exact to-do list for every day or week you’re working with us, so you never have to guess and you can always stay focused on what’s going to get you results. *We will even pay for the software for you*

In a nutshell, we literally give you everything you need so you can grow your online fitness business.

And we know that because its exactly what we do to grow our own fitness businesses.

A: 100%. All of your coaches are running their own fitness businesses.

We are here to serve you and help you every step of the way.

Fromo your Kick-Off Call we set you up with the steps so you wake up each day knowing the few simple things neeed to fast track your momentum.

I totally get it. I’ve got 3 kids, and 1 more on the way.

I also run 3 businesses, and have stakes in many others.

Importantly we’ve had members successfully grow their businesses from students studying full-time, to single mums that are also home schooling, to exectuies getting out of their “day jobs”.

So Yes. You can make it happen, and we’re here to help you every step of the way and make it as easy and as fast as possible.

A: This is a great question…

In a nutshell its because NO ONE ELSE does what we do.

You’ll have business coaches that maybe built their own business. But they don’t have a team.

We’re a team of Fitness Professionals that have started and scaled multiple fitness business, and still do it today.

We know whats working and whats not.

Plus we’re working with Fit Pros all around the world, so we can give you the secrets and behind-the-scenes insights no one else has.

AND… We GIVE you everything you need.

This is not a bunch of videos to watch, or a mastermind to just get more information.

This is the all-in-one system that removes your roadblocks and sets you up on the proven track to success.

This is the all-in-one system that removes your roadblocks and sets you up on the proven track to success.

(I know thats thats a big promise, but thats what we do).

A: You should be…

When I first started with a mentor to grow my business, I got burnt.

I eventually found amazing mentors, to which today I invest over $270,000 a year in learning whats the best methods, strataiges and tactics.

This is why we do 2 things…

Firstly, we just need to chat on a strategy call first. Theres no risk, no obligation. Heck theres actually nothing to buy on tis first call.

Its our way to make sure if we can actually help you.

Then we have a “Zero Risk Guarantee” when you do join us. So you don’t risk a cent.

A: First up…

We have 3 main levels to our services. We first need to have a strategy call to align you to the service and program that you qualify into, and you need to get the results you want.

Worse case scenario. We can point you to our free trainings that are better than most peoples paid stuff.

A: Absolutely. We will do most of the heavy lifting for you.

We even pay for your marketing and sales software.

AND we have our tech team set up the key elements for you.

We’ve got this covered for you.

A: Of course. You will first speak to either myself or someone on my team to determine if we are a good fit to work together.

This is why we do 2 things…

Firstly, we just need to chat on a strategy call first. Theres no risk, no obligation. Heck theres actually nothing to buy on tis first call.

Its our way to make sure if we can actually help you.

Then we have a “Zero Risk Guarantee” when you do join us. So you don’t risk a cent.

© Copyrights by COACHES CARTEL . All Rights Reserved.

© Copyrights by COACHES CARTEL . All Rights Reserved.